Maintaining Your Die Grinder

A die grinder is a small handheld tool most people dealing with repair or DIY enthusiasts simply have to own among their set of tools. A die grinder provides great versatility for repairmen when they are working on various types of material. Working with a die grinder may seem like an easy task within the first few stages of owning the tool.

However, improper maintenance may end up with you having a machine that will give you undesirable results. Here are some tips you should follow to maintain your die grinder.

Inspect Your Grinder

Before commencing on any project involving the use of your die grinder, make sure that you inspect your tool in advance. Make sure it’s not plugged into electricity, or that the battery is removed if it is cordless. Use your hands and eyes to look for anything that could be out of the ordinary such as a crack or loose bolt.

Take Note Of Your Power Supply

Your die grinder could either be corded or cordless. If your grinder is powered by a battery, you should make sure the batteries are of sound quality and that they are connected appropriately to the grinder. If it has a cord, check for damage that could leave live wires exposed.

Get The Right Accessories

Die grinders work best with certain accessories. Naturally, the accessories will wear down with time and will need replacement. A late replacement will make work very difficult for the tool’s motor and possibly damage it. While replacing the accessories, make sure you get the right fit and test it if you can before making a purchase.


Die grinders are rotary tools with some rotating at speed of nearly 25000 rotations per minute (RPM). They are intricate tools that should be handled with care. Maintaining your grinder will help keep the operator safe and the tool operational for a long time.