What Are The Best DIY Tools For A New Homeowner?

Whether you collect your own toolbox piece by piece or get a preassembled set of tools, the following are the best tools new homeowners should have tucked away somewhere.

Chisel: The right chisel can save your screwdriver set a lot of wear and tear. Avoid wooden and plastic handles, since hammers will destroy them. A die grinder may also be of use.

Clamps: Small and spring-loaded clamps are affordable and effective. Keep two, three, or four handy.

Drill: This one is a ‘must-have’. Cordless can be nice but is up to you. Do make sure you have a variety of drill bits and a variable speed control.

Electrical Tester: Non-contact testers work best.

Hammer: This is another must-have. Metal handles are far more sturdy than the conventional wood options. Also, as a homeowner, you’re more likely to enjoy straight claws over sharp curves.

Needle-Nose Pliers: These are going to be one of the more commonly used tools in your home.

Pry Bar: This is useful for pulling nails and prying wood and materials apart.

Safety Glasses: Have several pair available for projects where it is more than just you. These really aren’t negotiable, you need to make sure you are safe when working in your home shop..

Saw: A corded circular saw is optimal, but a 24″ hand saw still handles most jobs, just with a bit more work.

Screwdriver: At least one high-caliber screwdriver is essential, but a good set is better. Have both flatheads and Phillips in a variety of sizes.

Square: The larger the better in terms of usefulness, as it can even double up as a short straight edge. Still, bigger ones might not fit in a toolbox.

Tack Remover: This is cheap and can save you a lot of time removing staples and tacks from picture frames and upholstery.

Tape Measure: Splurge a little to get a lot. Get something with a minimum of 3/4″ in width.

Tongue And Groove Pliers: These are great for plumbing pipe, also known as water pump pliers or channellock pliers.

Torpedo Level: There are high-tech laser levels available if you want to go down that route, but simple torpedo levels are easier to use.

Utility Knife: Razor knives and box cutters are going to keep your steak knives in good condition for a lot longer.

Vise Grips: These pliers can substitute for so many tools that they’re another must-have.

Wire Strippers: These are cheap and make wiring work a lot easier to accomplish.

Wrenches: An SAE set, even if small, works wonders for the many nuts and bolts around your home. Allen wrenches are also helpful to have around.

So there you go, there is our selection of diy power tools that you must have if you’re a new homeowner. You don’t know what you could go wrong in your new gaff so it’s better being prepared than getting a unpleasant surprise.